Data Center Cabling Solutions
October, 13, 2020

Understanding the Fibre Channel's First Gen7 Switch Portfolio (and How to Cable It)

In September 2020, Broadcom launched the Fibre Channel industry’s first Gen7 switch portfolio. This move doubles their Gen6 performance to 64Gbps, checking off another stop on the Fibre Channel Roadmap. Here's what it means for your technology and cabling infrastructure.

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October, 08, 2020

TIA-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems Engineering Committee 3rd Quarter Conference Preview

It’s time for the "virtual take two” of the TIA-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems Engineering Committee's third quarter 2020 conference.

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September, 29, 2020

Fiber Optic Cabling – Know Your Source

Recently, CABLExpress was contacted by a large, enterprise-class data center to evaluate offshore fiber optic trunking product. The initial reason for their concern was that the trunks were emitting a significant odor. This ‘off-gassing’ of the product, if you will, produced a potent and unbearable smell.

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June, 17, 2020

TIA-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems Engineering Committee Conference Recap

And just like that, after much anticipation and uncertainly, the first-ever virtual TIA-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems conference has come to an end. The second quarter of 2020 certainly saw some unprecedented events.

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June, 08, 2020

TIA-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems Engineering Committee Conference Preview

For the first time ever, the TIA-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems Engineering committees’ 2nd QTR 2020 conferences will be virtual, rather than in Denver, CO., the location originally scheduled.

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April, 08, 2020

The Importance of Structured Cabling During a Crisis

During this time of pandemic crisis, the benefits of a properly defined structured cabling system are as important as ever.

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March, 18, 2020

Are IBM's Mainframes a Dying Technology?

Back in the day, IBM and its mainframe were the industry’s most stable, resilient and secure enterprise system. But is the mainframe a dying technology? Its flexible and adaptable platform has catered to customers’ needs better than any other. As IBM continues to reinvent around the evolving needs and requirements of its enterprise customers, it seems the mainframe has been and will continue to thrive with many new advances for years to come.

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March, 12, 2020

What is Fiber Optic Insertion Loss?

In its simplest terms, insertion loss is the amount of light that is lost as the signal arrives at the receiving end of the link. Insertion loss is measured in decibels (dB) and each passive connection in a system increases the dB loss for the system as a whole.

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March, 09, 2020

The Difference Between Rails with M6 and Rails with 10/32 Tapped Holes

Have you ever laid awake at night pondering the difference between rails with M6 and rails with 10/32 tapped holes? What does a tapped hole even mean? And what is a cage nut?

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February, 26, 2020

Planning a Refresh or Upgrade in your Data Center? Don't Ignore the Cabling Infrastructure!

It is always recommended to consider your cabling infrastructure before installing new hardware. If you fail to do so, your team is vulnerable to spending countless hours troubleshooting links and channels, only to discover it's a cabling issue that could have been prevented.

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