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Cisco Cabling Solution

Cable your Cisco Nexus/MDS switches for maximum performance

CABLExpress® manufactures infrastructure cabling products that allow customers to future-proof their data center – so when the technology changes, your cabling infrastructure doesn’t have to.

With the Skinny-Trunk® Solution, you’ll be prepared for next-gen hardware, and the performance demands that come with it. Designed to cable up high-density switches, such as the Nexus and MDS Series, the Skinny-Trunk Solution is perfect for Cisco hardware users concerned with maintaining a fully synergized data center.

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Cisco switches provide high-performance connectivity, but you need proper cabling to effectively take advantage of it. With poor cabling, high-performance, high-density switches won’t perform to their full potential and even fail to transmit data.

The CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk Solution provides the muscle you need, without sacrificing manageability or crucial space in the data center. Designed to meet or exceed industry cabling standards and dB loss budgets, you can have confidence that your cabling infrastructure is allowing your Cisco switches to perform to their fullest capabilities.


Return on Investment

Implementing the Skinny-Trunk Solution in your data center now will yield a high return on investment because you won’t need to replace your cabling infrastructure for future hardware upgrades. The Skinny-Trunk Solution will help you migrate to next-generation speeds, without any of the “layer one” issues that typically happen during hardware upgrades.

The CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk Solution delivers on performance, design, repeatability and manageability. Call us to find out how the Skinny-Trunk Solution will make your Cisco switches perform the way they’re meant to.

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