Data Center Cabling Solutions

Migrating to 40Gb, 100Gb and beyond

Are you considering a migration to 100Gb Ethernet, but worried about how the choices you make now will affect your infrastructure when you reach those speeds?

The exponential growth in information demands means processing speeds must increase as well to not impede access to data.

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Factors to Consider when Migrating

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when transitioning to higher speeds including:

  • Existing infrastructure
  • Budget
  • Throughput demand
  • Leadership priorities

Most importantly, it is imperative to understand industry standards and the demands your cabling infrastructure will need to meet.  A solid understanding of the guidelines that the standards bodies have set will illustrate how your cabling infrastructure will be affected. This allows you to make educated decisions related to your organization's technology roadmap.


High-performance cabling

The migration to these processing speeds are impossible without a quality layer one infrastructure. High-performance cabling capable of transferring data over 40/100G Ethernet is a necessary addition to data centers looking to keep up with this digital data growth.

CABLExpress provides the structured cabling products to ensure your layer one infrastructure is prepared to migrate to higher speeds. We provide the fiber optic cabling and fiber enclosures you need, and have developed 10G to 40G conversion modules designed specifically to allow you to optimize usage of your fiber during your migration. 

High-Density Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions for Your Network

Our Skinny-Trunk® Solution is a high-density fiber optic cabling system that will help you maximize business value and enable you to transition seamlessly to 40/100G Ethernet and beyond.

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