Data Center Cabling Solutions

CABLExpress EXP Series®

The structured cabling solution that fits your budget

A quality, well designed structured cabling solution should be comprised of rock-solid cable products and shouldn't have to break your budget.

What if you could get a reliable, standards-based structured cabling system that is affordable and easy to install?

The CABLExpress EXP Series structured cabling product line is ideal for:

  • Network hardware upgrades or net new hardware installation (when adding new Ethernet network hardware that features fiber ports)
  • Data center cabling when connecting a core switch to an edge switch
  • When connecting a “closet” (sometimes referred to as an intermediate distribution frame or IDF) to the data center
  • Storage hardware upgrades featuring fiber ports in the data center that require fiber cabling to connect

Features and Benefits of the EXP Series Solution

  • This structured cabling product family features fiber trunks, fiber patch cables, and modules designed to help you meet or exceed industry cabling standards for dB loss
  • All EXP Series modules are compatible with the CABLExpress Easy Access (EA), and RSD Series patch panels
  • Save time on installation, maintenance, and even future upgrades in your data center
  • Save money by paying less to manage and cool your data center, decreasing total overall cost of ownership
  • Save space by reducing cable congestion and making room for additional equipment


View our EXP Series technical sheet here.

EXP Series Trunks

Trunk Options:

  • Plenum jacket (OFNP)
  • MPO and/or LC connectors
  • Singlemode and Multimode available

EXP Series Patch Cables

Jumper options include:

  • MPO
  • LC
  • SC

EXP Series Patch Panels

All EXP Series modules are compatible with the CABLExpress Easy Access (EA), and RSD Series patch panels.

  • Multimode OM4, 12 port duplex
  • Singlemode OS2, 12 port duplex
  • MPO adapter "feed thru" options available

Technical Specifications

CABLExpress EXP Series products meet or exceed each of these specifications:

  • TIA-942 Revision B, Telecommunications Infrastructure Standards for Data Centers
  • TIA-568 Revision D, Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard Set


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