Be an IT superhero
Get the benefits when you Respect Layer One®

Respect Layer One®

Why Respect Layer One®? Because you wouldn't drive a race car on a gravel road, and you wouldn't buy sub-standard cabling to serve large-scale networking equipment. CABLExpress is the difference in your data center with our innovative cabling solutions that get your network operating at optimum speeds and performance levels.

Be an IT superhero in the eyes of your boss and Respect Layer One - don't make the mistakes these guys made:

Part 1 - Meet Ant and Kevin

Meet Ant. He's a well-intentioned, if a little geeky, IT guy who is super excited about his data center... but forgets to Respect Layer One.
We all know someone like Kevin. He's all about the latest and greatest networking equipment - except when it comes to layer one.

Part 2 - The Story Continues

Did Ant learn his lesson? Not until a cabling mess caused a network outage - and almost cost him his job. Find out how Ant finally learned to Respect Layer One.
Kevin was definitely "that guy." And he had to learn to Respect Layer One the hard way. Watch how he changed his ways to save his network.