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network cabling project services: cable labeling, shipping, packaging, and moreCABLExpress Project Services Make Your Projects More Successful & Your Job Easier

Every technology project requires cabling. Take advantage of our custom packaging & cable labeling to simplify your next install.

Ensure Consistency

Cabling Projects - ensure consistencyUse a labeling scheme to describe the cables’ purpose. We can custom label each end of every cable with helpful information, such as port, machine, rack, room location, far end description, sequential numbering, and length. Spare yourself the headache of tracing cables in a crisis!

Save Time by Planning Ahead

network cabling projects - save timeGreat project management begins with organization. Tell us how you want the cables bundled and boxes labeled. We’ll make sure that your project time is not wasted unpacking and sorting cables.

Less Time Unpackaging

network cabling project services - less time unpackagingBundle common products in less packaging. We can remove your cables and twist ties from their original packaging and repackage them in desired quantities (e.g. 24 to a bag) to save you time in removal on-site.

Group Items Together

nrtwork cabling projects - group items togetherShip products together that will install in the same location. We’ll package all the cabling and other related products for an individual cabinet or rack together, so you don’t have to sort through and move it all.

Label the Boxes

network cabling projects - lable boxesTell us where you need it. We’ll include the cabinet or rack information on the shipping box. Upon delivery, you can place the box right where you’ll be installing its contents.

Plug & Play (Nicely with Others)

network cabling projects - plug and playBest practices are to use the TIA-606-C standard for cable labeling. The recommendation is widely used so when outside vendors or new employees come in, there’s consistency for those familiar with the guidebook.

Less Mess to Clean Up

network cabling projects - less messReduced packaging means less waste. By repackaging your cables in larger quantities, you have less bagging and twist ties to dispose of. You’re on to testing the installation even sooner!


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"CABLExpress labeled cables and saved my team days of wasted tech time. Instead of wrapping cables with labels for several days, we were able to pull the logically organized and neatly packaged cables out of the boxes and go right to connectivity. I think it saved my company 12 man-days. Great job, CABLExpress, and thank you."

Tim Coleman
Manager, Health Alliance Plan