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Understanding the Standards

At CABLExpress, we’re always looking to provide the tools you need to succeed. One of the most important of these tools is always knowledge.

What better place to start than with an in-depth knowledge of today’s data center design standards? It’s critical to understand the standards when designing your data center cabling infrastructure.

It’s not enough to just meet the standard specifications – you must exceed them to deliver success at your organization.

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Connect to Success

A deep understanding of cable connector types and their function allows you to make smart decisions with your designs. While it may seem like there are an infinite number to choose from, we break it down and make it easy for you.

With CABLExpress, you get an overview of connector types, background information on each, helpful diagrams, and access to our cable connector guide.

We provide the connections to your success.                          

Fiber Optic Cable Connector Guide     

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Coming to Terms

In the cabling industry, you’ll hear various terms thrown around. But how can you keep track of the meaning of all this terminology you hear all the time?

CABLExpress has provided a handy glossary to help you know exactly what all these technical terms mean, and how they affect your world. Never feel like you’re in the dark – just bookmark our page and always be ready. And impress everybody with your new-found vocabulary!   


Glossary of Cabling Terminology

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