Data Center Cabling Solutions

Extreme Networks Cabling Solutions

The synergy, performance, and ROI to take your solutions to the next level

Extreme provides sophisticated Ethernet solutions that meet the toughest challenges in network connectivity and IP based communications. CABLExpress® manufactures infrastructure cabling products that enhance high-performing Ethernet switching products.

This best-in-class synergy makes CABLExpress products a perfect fit for Extreme hardware users.


The focus of our Skinny-Trunk® Solution is on performance, design, repeatability and manageability.  These virtues eliminate layer one issues that can be common with dated cabling infrastructures.

The Skinny-Trunk Solution allows users to get the most out of their high-performance hardware. This philosophy offers a high return on investment during the lifetime of the infrastructure by not requiring re-cabling for hardware upgrades.


Return on Investment

The Skinny-Trunk Solution is designed to cable up high-density switches, such as the Black Diamond and Summit Series. With poor cabling, these high-performance, high-density switches can be known to not work up to full potential and even fail to transmit data. However, when cabled correctly – with CABLExpress technology – you get the return on investment you’re looking for.