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Skinny-Trunk® Solution

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Data Center Cabling Guides

Data Center Cabling Guide

CABLExpress provides high-performance, structured cabling products, including the Skinny-Trunk® fiber optic cabling solution, cabinets and racks, RSD Series enclosures, copper trunking and CAT5e and CAT6 cables. 


Data Center Cabling Guide - Brocade

Our data center guide with solutions geared directly toward Brocade DCX and VDX Series high-density switches. 


Data Center Cabling Guide - Cisco

Our data center guide with solutions geared directly toward Cisco Nexus and MDS Series high-density switches. 


Arista 7500E/7500R/7300X Connectivity Guide

This guide offers clear options in cabling the Arista 7500E, 7500R, 7300X and 7320X Series modular switches. 


Data Center Solutions

Learn more about how CABLExpress can provide the design assistance, premium performance, and innovative solutions to enable your data center to drive your business forward.

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Project Services

Did you know CABLExpress can provide custom packaging and cable labeling to simplify your next project? Let us make your job a whole lot easier.                                                     

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Copper Trunks 

Copper Trunks

Copper trunking is the ideal way to create a standards-based, flexible, and reliable copper platform in your data center.

Modular Patch Panels

When paired with our copper trunks, our 1U and 2U modular patch panels are the perfect complement to further facilitate your ease of installation, and optimal flow of information.

Mini CAT6 Copper Trunk

With breakout legs of just 0.148 inches in diameter, our mini CAT6 copper trunk reduces congestion and allows for increased airflow in your data center.


RSD Series Enclosures

Our 1U, 2U and 4U RSD Series fiber enclosures are ideal for structured cabling environments, open racks in telecom closets or any areas where the front acrylic glass protection is needed.

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