Simplify moves, adds and changes
Modular solutions to enable network growth

Structured Cabling

Modular structured cabling products

In today's complex and diverse data center environments, a structured cabling system is ideal to help manage and support connections to hardware and enable network growth. Cables can be installed in an orderly manner and kept neat so there is less confusion and congestion. This organization facilitates easier moves, adds and changes and reduces overall cabling bulk.

Our wide array of structured cabling products allow you to organize and maintain industry-leading quality and reliability.


fiber trunk cablesFiber Trunks

Running overhead or underfloor in a structured cabling environment, our Skinny-Trunk® fiber trunks offer the performance, manageability, flexibility, repeatability and time savings you need.



Fiber Jumper Cables

Available in a variety of multi-mode and single-mode lengths and connector styles, our fiber jumpers feature two options:

cable harnessesHarnesses

Skinny-Trunk harnesses offer optimum cable management with pre-engineered staggering to the exact specifications of high-density switch ports.


copper trunk cableCopper Trunking

Available in standard size and mini CAT6 version, their plug-and-play design makes it easy to deploy a reliable, easy-to-use copper trunking system.


copper patch cables - CAT6, CAT5eCopper Patch Cables

Our high-quality cables help you maintain your existing copper infrastructure without sacrificing throughput in your structured cabling system.

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