Exceeding loss budget standards
Increased capacity and ease of cable management

Fiber Trunks

Skinny-Trunk® fiber trunks offer the performance, manageability, flexibility, repeatability and time savings you need in a fiber optic cable. We've reduced the diameter and weight of our fiber optic trunk cables to allow for increased capacity and ease of cable management in your data center infrastructure systems.

See for yourself and experience the transformation of our Skinny-Trunk® fiber trunk cables



Enhanced Features to our Skinny-Trunk® fiber trunks include:

  • Reduction in overall cable diameter by an average of 18 percent across all fiber counts
  • Decrease in weight of trunks by an average of 47 percent across all fiber counts
  • Reduction of MTP® breakout legs by 33 percent, from 3 mm to 2 mm



Skinny-Trunk® Fiber Trunk Cable

Product Features

  • Industry-leading performance guaranteed through generations of hardware upgrades
  • MTP® connector features the industry’s highest-precision thermoplastic ferrule, designed to lower insertion loss allowing connections to be made while meeting or exceeding loss budgets
  • Ultra-flexible MTP® breakout legs ensuring critical airflow paths are not blocked in cabinets
  • Trunking diameters are one-third of the competition, reducing congestion in your cabling pathways
  • Highly customizable legs, lengths and breakouts
  • Trunking options from 4- to 144-fiber count
  • Up to 12-to-1 plug-in factor saves valuable install time
  • Factory terminated and tested ensuring performance
  • We use high-quality Corning glass in all of our Skinny-Trunk fiber trunks
  • TAA-compliant
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

Skinny-Trunk® 24

With 24 fibers in a single MTP® connector, the Skinny-Trunk 24 offers cutting-edge, industry-leading condensed fiber optic technology. Reduce installation time and cable management concerns in your fiber optic infrastructure without compromising loss budgets. Skinny-Trunk 24 assemblies feature the highest quality factory terminations to ensure they far exceed industry dB loss performance standards



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Skinny-Trunk 24 - Fiber Cable Solution

Skinny-Trunk 24 Spec Sheet - Download PDF