Data Center Cabling Solutions

Skinny-Trunk® Solution: Cabling Products

A specially designed product line to provide the right cabling solution for your network or data center.  A high-density, fiber optic structured cabling system designed to increase performance, reduce installation time, save critical space, and maximize your return on investment.


Premium Fiber Patch Cables

Fiber Patch Cable - CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk Solution

Our Skinny-Trunk® fiber patch cables are designed for enhanced performance, repeatability and space-savings in the data center.

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Fiber Optic Trunk Cables

Skinny Trunk Solution - Fiber Optic Trunk CablesSkinny-Trunk® fiber trunks offer the performance, manageability, flexibility, repeatability and time savings you need in a fiber optic cable.

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H-Series Enclosures

Skinny-Trunk Solution: H-Series Fiber Cable EnclosuresOur H-Series enclosures are available in both vertical and horizontal mounting configurations, allowing you to choose port orientation to mirror all major manufacturers’ high-density director switches.

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H+ Enclosures

Skinny-Trunk Solution: H+ Fiber Cable EnclosuresWith the highest port density for fiber optic cabling currently offered in the marketplace, H+ enclosures free up even more valuable rack space in your data center. 

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Angled Patch Panels

Skinny-Trunk Solution: Angled Patch PanelsDesigned for enhanced cable management, CABLExpress® angled patch panels are slanted to route patch cords directly into vertical cable managers on either side of the panel. 

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Ladder Rack Enclosures

Skinny-Trunk Solution: Ladder Rack EnclosuresLadder rack enclosures offer a convenient way to save space in the data center without sacrificing manageability or performance.

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Fiber Harnesses

Skinny Trunk Solution: Fiber Cable HarnessesSkinny-Trunk® harnesses are the ideal condensed solution to reduce cabling congestion in your data center cabinets. 

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Z-Mount Brackets

Skinny-Trunk Solution: Z Mount Brackets, Zero Rack UnitsZ-Mount brackets (zero U) are designed to save valuable rack space and make managing your data center infrastructure easier. 

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Tap Modules

Skinny-Trunk Solution: Tap ModulesCABLExpress® tap modules allow you to split your fiber optic signal to send one part to your live network and the other part to a test environment.

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10G - 40G Conversion Modules

Skinny-Trunk Solution: 10G to 40G Conversion ModulesCABLExpress® conversion modules allow you to avoid unused fiber when converting to 40G. Maximize usage of your fiber as you seamlessly migrate to 40G.

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