Data Center Cabling Solutions

Cable New Rack, New Cisco 9710


Create an aesthetically pleasing cable solution for a new Cisco 9710 build in a highly visible area. The cabling solution needed to be easy to install, easy to maintain/highly functional, and present a very clean, organized look.


Staggered LC-based (48) fiber trunks sourcing from both the right and the left to create a split pathway and not overload  the vertical cable management.

Trunks custom-designed to stagger directly into ports on the 9710s without extra slack, eliminating any bulk in front of the equipment and keeping maintenance easy.

By design, 10ft breakouts were used to keep the trunk furcation points out of sight, neatly tucked into the cable tray.

CABLExpress Secret Ingredients:

Staggers were designed by our data center architects and were achieved by measuring the distance between each vertical pair of ports. Each leg was then labeled to match the corresponding port.

The fiber is CABLExpress Skinny Trunk® and is built to a max spec of .15 dB loss on the LC’s, allowing for the future speed increases and/or increased interconnects!


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