Brackets mount to the outside of rack
Fit any standard rack regardless of manufacturer

Z-Mount® Brackets

When paired with Skinny-Trunk® harnesses, our Z-Mount® brackets are designed to save valuable rack space and make managing your data center infrastructure easier. These zero U brackets simplify cable management. Their precision thermoset plastic MTP® connections are 40 and 100G ready, and TIA 802.3ba compliant.

Z-Mount® Bracket Spec Sheet - Download PDF

Solve space challenges

If you have ever run out of rack space, and you don’t have room for a patch panel, you know it’s a challenging problem.

It’s truly one of the most common issues people have when trying to address cable management issues in the data center. There is no space left in the racks for patch panels.

This dilemma is why we developed our Z-Mount brackets.

It’s a simple solution to a common and very challenging problem. In our research and development phase, we looked at all of the options and talked to data center managers that were facing these challenges. This R&D led us to develop Z-Mount brackets.

Product Features

  • Universal mounting allows you to use the racks and cabinets you already have - our Z-Mount brackets fit any standard rack regardless of manufacturer.
  • Its unique design mounts bolt to the outside of rack, using no horizontal rack space and ensuring the maximum use of your conditioned space.
  • Available in 4-, 8-, and 12-port MTP® (left and right) enabling you to distribute up to 144 fibers from just one Z-Mount.
  • Angled MTP® couplers’ precision ensures maximization of allowed connections and increases manageability for superior mating.
  • Field-reversible couplers allow trunks to be routed in from overhead or underfloor tray.
  • Also available with LC or CAT6 couplers
  • Lifetime warranty comes standard with all CABLExpress® brand products.

Z-Mount Brackets Product Video

See how these zero U brackets can help you save space and manage your cables.