Data Center


CABLExpress® brings over 30 years of experience, from mainframes to today’s high-density fiber optic solutions.

CABLExpress® has the knowledge and experience to help you design and maintain a data center to meet all your performance requirements. We began by providing used replacement parts for mainframes, and have continued to expand our expertise into today’s data center systems. Utilize our experience and in-depth understanding to get the most out of your data center cabling infrastructure.

How CABLExpress can help with your network cabling infrastructure and data center topology:

  • Products and designs that meet or exceed TIA-942 standards for reliability
  • Scalable, future-proof data center design services taking into account space savings and cooling considerations
  • Innovative Skinny-Trunk® Solution - high-density fiber optic cabling system that increases flexibility and improves performance
    • Fiber trunk assemblies - industry-leading performance guaranteed through generations of hardware upgrades
    • H-Series enclosures - allow more ports per rack unit, freeing up valuable rack space
    • H+ enclosures - provide the highest port density for fiber optic cabling currently offered in the marketplace
    • 10G to 40G conversion modules - maximize usage of your fiber as you seamlessly migrate to 40G
    • Ladder rack enclosure - the first copper and fiber enclosure specifically designed to mount directly to overhead conveyance
    • Harnesses - pre-engineered, customizable staggering provides neat and clean installation
    • Fiber jumpers - 2mm diameter saves space, ensuring critical airflow paths are not blocked
    • Z-Mount® brackets - universal mounting to fit any standard rack regardless of manufacturer
  • Copper trunking to provide reliable, fully customizable solutions for reduced installation time and cost in your data center

Learn even more about CABLExpress data center design and product offerings:

Over three decades of experience:

  • In-depth understanding
  • Exceed TIA-942 standards
  • Future-proof designs
  • Get space savings, cooling
  • Skinny-Trunk® Solution

I have worked with CABLExpress… for over twenty-five plus years. I started ordering bus and tag cables… through the years I went to ESCON cable then to FICON cables.
Harry H.