Data Center Cabling Solutions

CABLExpress Is Always Focused On Your Installation Needs

CABLExpress has manufactured and supplied cables and associated products to data centers since 1978. These products are designed for plug and play and over this time period, our customers have primarily used internal resources to complete projects. Product quality is enhanced in pre-terminated fiber, allowing the manufacturer to control the finishing process and cleanliness of the environment, cutting down on contamination that inadvertently happens in the field. Quality control will test for dB loss metrics, pull strength, and can add labeling and pull eyes to the product before it ever reaches the data center floor. All this saves time for an internal team to focus more on core process needs and saves money on labor costs if installed by an outside installer.

Partnered Installation Services 

Partner Install Services for Cabling Projects The introduction of fiber use, high speed data, and cable organization for increased accessibility and reduction in error has heightened the number of inquiries we see for installation services.

An experienced fiber installer can ensure a project is properly defined and organized prior to arrival on site, and will manage the project and communication between solution provider,  the installation team and the customer contacts.

CABLExpress can provide:

  • A referral to partners our customers have previously used
  • A project manager to ensure all parties have the updates they need for smooth project completions
  • A liaison to work with our customers’ preferred installers if needed

While CABLExpress continues to maintain its focus on design and manufacturing, we have utilized various partners to ensure projects are completed as needed. If you need support for installation, let us know. We can discuss the level you need and make sure you find the right fit.