Data Center Cabling Solutions


In this episode, JT takes a quick look at a WiFi streaming optical end face inspection tool made by Senko.



Josh:               You know how important it is to inspect and clean fiber-optic end faces before deployment, but you don't necessarily have the equipment or the trained personnel? There's a new product on the market that promises to make it simple and cost-effective.

                        This is the Smart Probe, made by Senko. What looks cool to me is the WiFi streaming that connects to smartphones, tablets or laptops. Let's see how this thing works.

Mike:              JT, I heard you downloaded the app. What's next?

Josh:               All right, so the probe is connected to your phone with WiFi, now hit inspect.

Mike:              Okay.

Josh:               That should bring this up. Let me insert this cable into the probe, get it focused up. Okay, that looks pretty good.

Mike:              Cool.

Josh:               What have we got on there?

Mike:              Looks like we have a zoom feature.

Josh:               That's pretty cool.

Mike:              Snapshot as well.

Josh:               Oh, that's nice.

Mike:              And a preview for the snapshot.

Josh:               So you can just flip an email out with that really easy, that's awesome.

Mike:              Sure is.

Josh:              I've got to say, this is really easy to use. I would highly recommend this for anybody in a data center who does general inspection and cleaning. Thanks for watching, I hope you learned something. For more information, visit us on