Data Center Cabling Solutions

Virtualization & Data Center Fiber Infrastructure


Today we’re going to talk about a current technology trend: virtualization and how that affects your data center fiber infrastructure.

You may have noticed that your server team has dramatically reduced the number of servers in your data center and this is not some hair-brained cost reduction scheme. This is virtualizing your server infrastructure and making more efficient use of your computing platform.

Gartner, another industry analyst project, says that server utilization is about 2 to 3%. This is very wasteful. The target area should be about 50 to 65 percent and the virtualization movement is in full swing.

So what does this have to do with your cabling infrastructure? Well let’s use a plumbing analogy here. Here’s before server virtualization and you had to have a lot of smaller pipes with small amounts of data trickling through there. Now when you virtualize you need much larger pipes that need to handle a lot more data.

So if one of these pipes fails, there’s downtime for a lot of applications and nobody wants that. That’s why it’s important to have a high-performance optical cabling infrastructure.

  1.     You need to handle all that bandwidth.
  2.     You don’t want failures so you have to have a high level of repeat-ability. You need that confidence.
  3.     You need to have a structured cabling system that can deal with all those adds, moves, and changes.