Data Center Cabling Solutions

Cable Management Practices: Horizontal vs. Vertical


I'm going to talk about horizontal cable management, vertical cable management, and the impacts of each.

So this is a horizontal cable manager right here. It's mounted horizontally in the rack. It does use up 'U' space. Patch cables go down down or come up into it and are managed there. It's very traditional.

Now vertical cable managers, right here on the side of the rack. This is a newer approach, works very well. However it also takes up space, because you're outside the 19-inch rack, or within the cabinet. This is a very good way to manage cables, and I'll show you a great example of that here.

Take a look at this switch. We have not only a very nice pre-engineered stagger, but we're using vertical cable management. We call this a finger right here, like little fingers sticking out. And in combination with the stagger and good cabling, you just move it right off to the side. See I'm not using space north or south of the switch. Very efficient, very clean, looks good. So, looks good, and practical, that's what you want.

So depending on your situation you could either use horizontal cable managers, or vertical cable managers—maybe a combination—to get the job accomplished. You want it to be practical and useable, but you also want it to look nice.

Good luck!