Data Center Cabling Solutions

CABLExpress dust-free environment = the highest quality results


Fiber optic cabling can handle very very high speeds, holds a lot of bandwidth, but it does have an Achilles heel.

This is a magnification of a fiber optic end-face. There's the core right there, the light part. That's where the data transmits through, the light pulses through there. If you get a piece of dirt, contamination, oil, grease, anything, over that core, it's going to block the signal. That's going to cause you problems.

We do everything we can to help you avoid this. Our products are assembled inside a dust-free environment.

This system works by filtering the air that comes in through HEPA filters, and then maintaining a positive air pressure within the area.

This dust-free environment is just one of many ways that we add value to our product line.