Data Center Cabling Solutions
JT tours a large data center with thousands of Ethernet and SAN ports. See how the fiber optic structured cabling system is set up.


There is a myriad of challenges that large data centers are faced with. Cabling infrastructure is a big one. Design, performance and manageability are huge. Well we're here at a really large data center. Let's see how they do it.

There are thousands and thousands of active ports to manage in this data center, and they use an end-of-row design. There's a redundant Ethernet network as well as a dual fabric SAN. To demonstrate end-of-row, we have a piece of active equipment here. This is cabled up, whether it's in a patch panel, but it goes up into the conveyance either overhead, could go under the floor, goes down to the end of row, hence the term end-of-row.

All that cabling feeds back into this patch panel at the end of the row. Notice all the room for expansion.

The blazing fast speeds and the incredible densities make it a huge challenge to cable everything up. The performance is critical to deal with the speeds and the performance of the bend insensitive fiber helps with this density.

To help with manageability, they've used the two millimeter round fiber jumpers. They are great in an environment like this.

What doesn't show up in the product specifications is the craftsmanship that we see here. This person really cared about the job that they did, they really Respect Layer One.