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Josh Taylor uses Skinny-Trunk® harnesses and Z-Mount brackets to cable up three 48-port 10G blades on the Cisco 7000.



                        Hi, I'm Josh Taylor, product manager with CABLExpress. Today we're going to cable up this Cisco Nexus 7010.

                        You may be wondering what a layer one guy is doing with this active equipment. Well, I've had the opportunity to cable this up with some new CABLExpress products. What you are seeing here is me cabling up three 48-port, 10 gig SFP modules in fast motion. In reality, it took me about 20 minutes. The old school way could take upwards of an hour.

                        The CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk® harness and Z-Mount® system is designed to save you valuable space and improve cable management issues. Our Skinny-Trunk harnesses are custom engineered to your exact switch. The custom staggering will dress perfectly into any large MBS switch. The 3 millimeter leg on the MTP® side reduces cabling bulk by 70%. Our angled, molded couplers are made from the highest precision thermal plastic to ensure proper mating.

                        I've got all my harnesses plugged in to its respective ports. It's cabled up in here into these nice cable management channels and then it plugs directly into the Z-Mount bracket, which then goes to your trunk and out. It's that simple, very low loss, very easy to do. You're done and look at barely any cable in there.

                       Thanks for watching. I hope you learned something. For more information, visit us on