Data Center Cabling Solutions
Learn about a new development in copper network cabling that reduces 50% of the cabling bulk in a data center. This technology advancement can help solve a myriad of cable management issues in high-density switching applications, standard switch applications and other areas in the data center. Reduce congestion, decrease cooling costs, reduce downtime! The CABLExpress mini CAT6 product family can make this easy for you!



Josh:      Hi, I’m Josh Taylor, Product Manager with CABLExpress.


Brittany:     And I’m Brittany Szulis and today we’re going to talk about reduce diameter in CAT6.


Josh:     Standard CAT6  is built with eight strands of 23 or 24 gauge wire.

Brittany:     And reduced diameter is built with eight strands of 28 gauge wire. Reduced diameter CAT6 is a newer product and there’s only a few manufacturer’s today that are producing it.


Josh:      A great application for this new product is in data center high density switching. The cabling bulk is reduced by 50%. Our CABLExpress mini six trunks can be staggered to fit almost any switch on the market.


Brittany:    The staggers are perfect and ti looks so nice in front of the switch.


Josh :     Thanks for watching. I hope you learned something.


Brittany:     For more information visit us at today.