Data Center Cabling Solutions
In this episode Josh and Brittany explain what port replication is, why it is so important in the data center, how it relates to TIA-942 and show products that fully replicate specific hardware types. Port replication can help manage SAN fibre channel systems as well as Ethernet networks.




Josh:                Hi, I’m Josh Taylor, Product Manager with CABLExpress.        

Brittany:          I’m Brittany Szulis Infrastructure Design Specialist. Today, we’re going to talk about the importance of port replication.

Josh:                In a structured cabling system, port replication is used to replicate the active ports in a passive environment.

Brittany:          This creates a one-to-one relationship from the active hardware ports to the passive structured cabling environment.

Josh:                The replicated ports are typically placed in the MDA, or main distribution area. This is key for staying in compliance with the TIA942 standards.

Brittany:          This allows for a consolidated passive environment where adds, moves, and changes can take place with ease.

Josh:                Port replication in the MDA has many benefits which include using short jumpers for connecting up hardware. Also, you don’t have to order custom long-length jumpers. It makes things a lot easier, a lot less planning.

Brittany:          No lifting of floor tiles or going into an overhead conveyance system and, remember, it keeps you out of the active hardware which are much more expensive.

Josh:                All of this is to minimize …

Josh/Brittany:  Downtime because nobody wants that.        

Josh:                CABLExpress has been working with data center enterprise customers for over 30 years. That’s why we understand that it’s really important to replicate the active switches exactly.

Brittany:          Let’s go up to our lab area and check out some of the fiber enclosures.

Josh:                This H-series module replicates a 64-port Brocade blade. Notice the port orientation. It’s identical to how Brocade does theirs.

Brittany:          These two H-series modules replicate a 32-port Cisco blade. This can be done either horizontally or vertically. Note the port numbering matches the manufacturer. 

Josh:                Thanks for watching. I hope you learned something.

Brittany:          For more information, visit us at