Data Center Cabling Solutions
In this episode Josh discusses what needs to happen with fiber cabling when connecting tranceivers in the data center. Also, why it is important to be careful when designing a structured cabling system due to the complexities and multiple options that manufacturers can use. CABLExpress can help you design and/or add to a fiber cabling infrastructure to ensure you do not run into issues with polarity.



Hi. This is Josh Taylor, Product Manager with CABLExpress. Today I’m going to talk about fiber polarity for duplex assemblies.

When transceivers and networking equipment need to “talk” the pathway is very simple. We have a transmit that goes to a receive and a transmit that goes to the receive, but you see what we end up with is a netcross.

However, this seemingly simple pathway can get very complicated when you implement multiple connections in a structured cabling system that works with multiple patch panels. Mix in the fact that there are three different methods to accomplish this netcross in the 568 family of TIA standards. See video #19 for more information on this subject.

There are some great products to address this problem. The side release clips on this LC assembly are very simple to reverse. And this simple polarity switch could help you avoid down time and nobody wants that. But even better than that is working with us.

That allows us to take the burden off your shoulders and we figure out the polarity and then that allows you to use great products like this 2 mm round uniboot cord. This makes a huge difference in reducing cabling bulk.

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