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In this episode, JT explains how to tell the difference between a male and female MPO (or MTP®) connector. He goes on to explain where trouble can arise if you get this wrong!

MTP® is a registered trademark of USCONEC.


Is this a male or a female MPO connector? The answer may surprise you. Stay tuned to find out.

MPO gender gets confused all the time, but it's actually very simple. But it does break the traditional rule that most people are used to, hence why it gets confused?

Most people are used to the plug-jack scenario. You take your male, you plug it into the female jack.

With an MPO, the gender is determined by pins and receptacles for those pins. If you try and mate two males, it just won't work. Female to female won't work. This is a very dangerous scenario, as there is high potential for alignment issues. And that can lead to downtime. And nobody wants that.

Always make sure you have a male to female connection. This ensures you have proper alignment and the fiber is made up between the connectors.

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