Data Center Cabling Solutions
Product Manager Josh Taylor gives some helpful tips on how to measure for pre-terminated data center cabling. You don't want to be too short, you don't want to be too long. CABLExpress has a team of designers that can help you with your data center cabling projects, give us a shout!



Hi. I’m Josh Taylor, Product Manager with CABLExpress.

Today I’m going to talk about how to calculate lengths for pre-terminated cables. First thing you need to do is have an overhead drawing of your data center so you can calculate the cable path linear distance. You want to know the total length in between your racks and cabinets. The blue lines represent cable and conveyance and this is an important aspect for measuring cable. In this case we have a two foot corner and when we measure our cable we’re going to call that four feet so we double the length of every corner.

That gives us the horizontal distance. Now we need to come up with the vertical distance. Now that can be starting from the floor if you have below floor conveyance or it could be overhead conveyance like we have here. In this instance we’d be measuring from the ladder rack to the top of this cabinet.

Then you want to add 12 feet of slack and that’s six feet for each rack, total of 12 feet. This is so just in case your equipment moves from the top of the rack down to the bottom of the rack, it insures you will be able to connect up.

With all that you should be really close on your measurements. Now remember there really is no such thing as a cable stretcher so don’t go too short, but don’t over estimate too much because if you have way to much cable it will be bulky and unmanageable.

Now, if you have any questions please contact us. We’d love to help you on your next cabling project.