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Today we’re going to talk about fiber optic end face inspection and cleaning.

Fiber Optic End Face Contamination


It’s when you get dirt or particles on the end of the fiber optic assembly. End face contamination can happen in a myriad of ways - skin oils, dust, and condensation just to name a few.

Here’s what a clean fiber optic end face looks like under our microscope. And this is how easy it is to contaminate an end face. But thanks to some new products on the market it’s just as easy to clean them.

The old school method is using isopropyl alcohol and chem wipes. Now, this works great but it is prone to leaving residue and it is time consuming.

I strongly recommend cleaning the end face and port every time there’s a mating. Not only can contamination cause errors but it can also cause scratching of the end face which can lead to catastrophic failure of the link itself. And that means downtime and nobody wants that.

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