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Today we’re going to talk about the H-Series enclosures

H-Series Fiber Cable Enclosures


We’ll go over just the enclosures first starting off with the smallest, the 1U.  The 1U is short for 1 RU or rack unit. A rack unit is a measurement that equals 1.75 inches. The 1U has two open slots between and either fits a module or a feed through adaptor paneling.

Here we have the 4U which has 12 available slots for feed through panels or modules.

Next up is the 6U which also has 12 open slots for feed through adaptor panels or modules.

And here are the flagship models, 10U horizontal and 10U vertical.

Both of these bad boys have 24 open slots and these ports are aligned horizontally or vertically. That means you get to choose the layout that mimics the switch you have, horizontal or vertical.

As I’ve said before you can use either a feed through adaptor panel or a module. I’d like to explain the difference now.

A feed through panel does just what it says. It feeds the cords directly through to the front side. Once you’re done plugging in all your ports, you would then close it in and button up and you’re ready to patch off the front.

A module is a much more convenient solution. I’ve just plugged in 48 fibers now I can button this up. If I ever need to upgrade this is much more scalable. The H-Series products are made with only the highest quality components from the low vibration stable spring couplers to the ultra low-loss internal wiring harness to our molded couplers that help with cable management.