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Fiber Optic Core Alignment


Today we’re going to talk about fiber optic core alignment

We can show this in a simple diagram. What you see here are the fiber optic cores and then the cladding. When the cores match up evenly the light can transmit through with little or no loss.

When you have mismatched cores and cladding you may get some transmission going through but a certain percentage of it is gonna bounce back, and that’s not good.

Good and proper core alignment relies on precision components. We use ceramic ferrules to ensure that the fiber seats perfectly centered every time. We also use ceramic adaptors to ensure that both cores match up in a mating scenario. Don’t take shortcuts here. Demand precision components in your fiber optic infrastructure.

A really good analogy is a hose coupled together: 2 pieces of hose. Right now I have water flowing through here at a high rate of speed. Right now this would be like a good coupling. We might incur a little bit of loss but it’s very minimal. But as soon as we start to compromise the coupler we start to get loss and this would be like you’re losing your data on your network, and losing that much data means downtime and nobody wants that.