Data Center Cabling Solutions

Today we’re going to talk about the benefits of our factory terminated fiber.

Factory Terminated Fiber

With data rates going up and the tolerance for failure going down, it’s the assembly process that becomes the critical aspect.

You can have the best quality glass in the world but if the connectorization is not done properly your assembly is severely compromised and that can lead to downtime.  Nobody wants that.

To truly understand the benefits of factory terminated fiber we’re gonna take a trip to our Skinny-Trunk® production line to see some of the key manufacturing steps.

Here we’re able to have a rigid furcation point versus standard heat strength. This drastically increases the rigidity. Controlling the stripping process ensures you minimize breakage. Visual inspection and testing ensure that the assembly and the connectors are free of defects. In the factory we’re able to repeat the polishing process over and over, taking any inconsistent errors out of the equation. The pneumatic crimping process guarantees proper pull strength, repeated testing and inspection guarantees that your assembly will arrive in working order.

Factory termination allows us to provide you with large quantity, flexibility with zero sacrifice on quality. Final inspection in our QC lab ensures that all the processes were done correctly.

As you can see the repeatability of key manufacturing steps ensures you have the highest quality assembly available.