Data Center Cabling Solutions

In this episode, Josh Taylor discusses what environmental testing is and why it is important for fiber optic assemblies in the data center. Without this testing being done, your infrastructure has a higher potential for downtime.



                        Hi. I'm Josh Taylor, Product Manager with CABLExpress. Today were going to talk about ship shock or environmental testing. Now this is what happens in normal life before the fiber assembly arrives to your site. If it goes up into a plane, about 30,000 feet it will get very cold or if it gets very hot, what can eventually happen is the product can get brittle and eventually break.

                        This thermotron testing unit is going to get this fiber assembly down to negative 55 degrees Celsius. Let's get this baby in for a deep freeze. It's also good for chilling your drinks. Next, we get it in the oven and get it up to 85 degrees Celsius. We got it cold, now we get it hot. That simulates the real-world scenario and a quicker process.

                        Again, you get cold, you get hot, the fiber could get brittle and break. That means downtime. Nobody wants that.

                        Next we run a pole test and insertion loss test at the same time. With all these tests combined you can be sure your Skinny-Trunk® assembly is going to work when you plug it in.

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