Data Center Cabling Solutions

Happy eighth anniversary to the Respect Layer One tutorial videos. JT takes a look back at what was happening in data center infrastructure cabling and what is happening now.


Welcome to Respect Layer One®. It's hard to believe that it's been eight years since the first episode. And looking back can give you some great perspective in preparing for the future.

Eight years ago, the iPhone was getting huge and apps were actually becoming a thing. Here are some of the most popular apps from back then. SlingPlayer Mobile. In the nine years following, consumers have driven mobile video on-demand into a huge industry. Mobile. Not much to say here. How could we live without all these awesome filters?

And there have been changes equally as dynamic in data center infrastructure cabling in the last eight years. The Ethernet Alliance was talking about the road to 100 Gig. But most enterprise networks were running 10 Gig Ethernet at the core and they were running their fiber channel at four or eight gigabytes. Now, we're talking about the road to 400 gig.

Eight years ago, the LC was the dominant connector. The MPO was deployed for ease of installation and for future-proofing. And now, the MPO connector takes the primary role in backbone trunking and is also a necessity with some transceiver interfaces.

The fiber itself, or the glass, has transitioned from OM3 to OM4, with much higher bandwidth capabilities. And OM5 is coming soon.

What we can expect is more change and on a faster scale. Ever-increasing needs for speed, bandwidth, and security will continue to dominate in the data center. What won't change is our message to you: Respect Layer One.

You want to install that cabling infrastructure once, and it needs to last for multiple generations of hardware and all the other disruptions that are bound to happen.