Data Center Cabling Solutions
In this episode, JT talks about the Respect Layer One® message. Why is it important in data center structured cabling systems to view cabling as an investment versus a cost? Because viewing it as a cost can lead to downtime.
Maximize your uptime by leveraging proper data center design and educating your team on product performance, the TIA-942 and other industry standards. By adhering to the standards, you will avoid falling for proprietary gimmicks. Ensure your structured cabling system will last through generations of hardware and ensure smooth migration to 40/100G Ethernet and 16G fibre channel from hardware manufacturers like the Cisco Nexus platform and Brocade DCX and 48000 platforms.



Hi, I'm Josh Taylor, product manager with CABLExpress. Today, we're going to talk about cabling as an investment vs a cost.

Here at CABLExpress, we often get requests for cables that are needed on site "yesterday." We understand that in business, things need to happen very fast. That is why we stock thousands and thousands of cabling products. We're constantly improving manufacturing efficiency for cost of builds. We also see that cabling can be an afterthought on hardware upgrades, and also viewed as just another additional cost. This is a deep-rooted issue, and that's where our team's battle cry of "Respect Layer One" came from. We want people to give respect to the cables that insure their networks continue to run.

With a little time and planning, the data center cabling portion of any project can be much easier and stress free. If you proactively improve your data center design, and treat it as an investment, you will improve the bottom line of your business. Your data center will become more efficient, you'll spend less time troubleshooting issues, and you'll avoid down time. Nobody wants that.

As with any financial investment, you want to do your research. Become educated, gain understanding of the market, and then invest. There are a lot of people that will tell you that their product is the best investment, but only you know what is best for your business.

Here are some key factors to research: performance:

DV loss is the most critical factor. The lower your loss, the more mated pairs you can have and still maintain your optical loss budgets. See video #24 for more information on optical loss budgets. Repeatability. DV loss test results are great, but what tests are done to ensure that this cable is going to perform the same after a few weeks, months, and years?

Manageability can be very subjective. Keep an eye out for gimmicks and products that look too good to be true. A good basic data center design is usually better than proprietary systems. Support is critical in this day and age. Most IT staffs are stretched thin.

Make sure you can get help when you need it, both before and after the sale. A partner like CABLExpress can make your data center design process simple and easy. With future proof solutions that will work for you for years to come.

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