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In this episode, JT cables up a Brocade 48000 using Skinny-Trunk harnesses.  This solution makes cable management possible in this high density fiber optic switch.  It also offers the highest performance ratings available.  Learn how to cable up a Brocade 48000 like a professional.  It will look great and work great.



Hi, I'm Josh Taylor, product manager with CABLExpress. We have a special edition today. I'm going to cable up this Brocade 48000. It's a high-density fiber optic switch.

First off, you always start with a plan. I've already measured an order. If you need help with this, we have a dedicated team of infrastructure specialists ready to assist you from start to finish. First I'm going to route down into the cable management provided by the manufacturer. From there, I'm going to route over here underneath the brush grommet, back out of the brush grommet, and into this 2U cable manager. Having cable management like this is very important.

Firstly, you get a clean look once I put the cover on. Secondly, I can deal with the cable slack without violating bend radius dimensions of this product. In this case, I will be using bend insesitive fiber. Then I'm going to go up to a patch panel. This is typical of a TIA 942 design that we recommend. Once this is all cabled up, the door can be shut, thus protecting the active equipment.

Instead of the traditional jumper method, which creates an enormous amount of congestion, making cable management nearly impossible, I am using the CABLExpress skinny trunk harness on this install. This product has revolutionized cabling for high-density switches by dramatically reducing the amount of cable by either a factor of 6:1 or 4:1, depending on your blade port counts. It is also a premium performance product. Let's face it, you spent a lot of money on this switch, and you want it to perform as best it can. An added bonus is the finished product looks great, something you can be proud of. See video #27 for more information on this great product.

There you have it, a great looking finished product that you can be proud to show off. It was so easy to do with the pre-engineered staggers of the skinny trunk harness. As you can see, there is very little congestion compared to the traditional jumper approach. With CABLExpress products, you know you are running with optimum performance that will last through generations of hardware.

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