Data Center Cabling Solutions

In this episode, Josh Taylor and Brittany Szulis discuss the key considerations for cabling when contemplating the use of 40G LC duplex transceivers that transmit over multi-mode fiber.



Josh:                            You have questions on cabling up the new multi-mode 40-gig LC transceivers.

Brittany:                      And today we're going to get out of that jungle of questions.

Josh:                            This is a pretty big deal. This technology is allowing the use of LC duplex connections to transmit 40-gig speeds over multi-mode fiber. Until these recent technology advances the only option for multi-mode fiber has been using the MPO-style connector.

Brittany:                      I can see why this is such a big deal. So many data centers are cabled up for LC duplex transmission. This offers them a 40-gig migration path without having to change anything within their cabling infrastructure. It almost sounds too good to be true.

Josh:                            You are correct, Britt. This is a game-changer and it will save end users lots of money, but as with any new technology there's some key details that we have to know.

Brittany:                      I would think one of them would be the integrity and the quality of the current infrastructure, right?

Josh:                            Aw yeah, you're going to want to know what the acceptable loss amounts and the distance limitations of those particular transceivers.

Brittany:                      That makes sense, as some infrastructures have cabling with high losses and older glass, like OM1 and 2.

Josh:                            That's right, Britt. You should only be using a minimum of OM3 fiber or the recommended OM4 fiber for each run. You also need to know the loss budgets for each channel as well as the distances per length.

Brittany:                      Because if you don't do that that can lead to ...

Both speakers:            downtime... and nobody wants that.

Brittany:                      What else should people be looking out for?

Josh:                            That's a great question, Britt. These products are not an 802.3ba standard for 40 to 100 gig currently. That doesn't mean they're bad. Is just means you need to look at the compatibility and the interoperability of the products. Thanks for watching. I hope you learned something. I'm Josh Taylor, product manager with Cable Express.

Brittany:          And I'm Brittany Szulis, infrastructure design specialist. For more information visit us at today.