Data Center Cabling Solutions

Let's talk about cable management. The first thing you have to decide when choosing horizontal cable managers is whether you want a D-ring style or whether you would like a duct style.

The duct style is new and gaining much popularity due to the clean look it offers with the front faceplate.

The D-ring style has been around for ages. What you see is what you get. Our D-ring managers come in three sizes: we have the 3U for 96-port patch panels, 2U for 48, and 1U for 24. This is shown with our optional strain relief bar that comes with every D-ring style of CABLExpress® cable manager.

And we have two sizes of the duct managers: there’s a 1U, which we highly recommend for fiber optic cables; and there’s the 2U, which works great for copper patch cords.

We also have Velcro® cable managers. These work great for larger trunk applications with these big, robust tie-downs. We also have a smaller side-mount rail Velcro® tie-down; again, great for trunks.

Here we have D-rings, and we have metal brackets with Velcro® that are great for a myriad of applications.

The secret to cable management is the cable. Order to the right size cables to avoid unsightly situations like this. These can severely compromise your network.