Data Center Cabling Solutions
In this episode, JT discusses the BICSI 002-2011 data center standards. Utilizing fiber optics, data center design, data center standards, power, cooling, POE, cable management, maximizing uptime, eliminating downtime and managing a team with contractors and sub-contractors to ensure you cable things up the right way.



Hi, I’m Josh Taylor, Product Manager with CABLExpress. Today, we’re going to talk about the BICSI Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices. This standard is very intensive with a lot of technical as well as practical information. It provides a reference of common terminology and best practices, but it’s not meant to be a step-by-step guide for a complete data center build.

Building a new data center or redesigning an existing one is a huge undertaking. This standard can be a big help in the following areas, power systems, cooling capacity, network architecture, site selection, regulation, overall architecture, efficiency, construction components, electrical systems, security and much more.

I think this standard is beneficial to anyone who is in charge of, or even involved in, a data center build out.  There will be so many different groups, teams, contractors, and subcontractors involved that it will be very important to have at least an understanding of how all the pieces fit together.

Now, structured cabling typically comes up at the end of projects. It’s almost an afterthought. This is an area where this document is very helpful as the BICSI standards group does an excellent job ensuring that this is accounted for. We see that they truly respect layer one. 

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