Data Center Cabling Solutions

Today we’re at New York Tech Summit 2011 and we’re gonna talk about bandwidth because I had a lot of people who respect layer one ask me about it.


The official definition of bandwidth is the amount of information carrying capacity over any given medium. Or in other words, in fiber terms, it’s how much data can you transmit down that fiber. The fiber optic medium versus copper can take a lot faster of a signal a lot further a distance.

That’s a very important fact. As speeds increase in your data center the fiber optic medium becomes a much better investment because of this high bandwidth versus copper, but not just any fiber. For example, a 62.5 OM1 fiber designation can only run 10 gig at 33 meters. That’s not very far. OM4 50 micron can go 550 meters.

That’s all well and good, but let’s talk about some real-life examples. How about the healthcare field? You can transmit very large files a lot faster when you have more bandwidth. Or financial institutions… you can get a lot more transactions, which is going to be better for business. Or looking at it another way, if you’re trying to push too much you’re gonna experience downtime, and nobody wants that.