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Maintain your fiber optic cabling infrastructure longer 

With today’s IT hardware demanding faster and faster computing speeds, the miniscule fiber optic loss budgets for high-speed topologies, such as 400Gb Ethernet and 256Gb Fibre channel, are a real challenge for data center (DC) managers looking to implement and maintain a manageable cabling infrastructure.

Is it possible to design a fiber optic structured cabling infrastructure to support a life cycle of 10 to 15 years without having to significantly reconfigure or redo the physical layer infrastructure?

It is possible, but there are several factors to consider in order to ensure success, including the fiber optic link loss budget formula.

This paper delves into what you need to know about fiber optic link loss budgets when designing your cabling infrastructure.

Our white paper, Understanding Fiber Optic Loss Budgets, discusses:

  • The fiber optic link loss budget formula
  • Factors for attenuation
  • Understanding the standards
  • Connector loss and supportable distances
  • Structured cabling and the TIA-942 standard
  • Overcoming design challenges
  • Estimating link loss budgets

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