Data Center Cabling Solutions

Solving Cable Management Problems

Z Mount Cable ManagementCable management is often overlooked when designing technology solutions, but poor cable management can lead to a multitude of problems.

  1. Is your cabling tangled like spaghetti?
  2. Do you have trouble tracing individual cables due to the congestion?
  3. Have you ever heard a company executive walk through the data center and make a comment like, “We spent a million dollars on that technology and you can’t even see it through that mess?”

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you may have a problem.

There is no “magic bullet” for cable management that solves every issue. It takes discipline within the team that handles the cabling and it also requires a plan that addresses every potential major problem.

Important Factors to Consider

Follow a proper structured cabling design.

  •  Use the TIA-942 standard as a roadmap for your data center. This is the most critical point to reducing the cable mess and congestion.

Use racks and cabinets with vertical cable management. 

  • Avoid racks and cabinets that are 21 inches wide and do not have vertical cable management channels. With no vertical management, all of your cabling will end up in front of the equipment in the racks.

Design with room for growth. 

  • When you account for growth, you can utilize horizontal rack mount cable managers. These managers help keep the rack clean and well-organized.

Keep patch cables of various lengths in stock and on-site. 

  • So many changes are made under duress, and many times a cable that is too long is used. If you have various lengths available you can avoid this mistake.

cable management productsCABLExpress understands cable management and why it’s critical to maintain an organized infrastructure.

We carry a wide array of cable management products that will help you:

- Achieve optimal performance

- Facilitate easier moves, adds and changes