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Fiber Harnesses


Skinny-Trunk® harnesses are the ideal condensed solution

to reduce cabling congestion in your data center cabinets.

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Ideal Space Savings


They offer optimum cable management with pre-engineered staggering to the exact specifications of high-density switch ports.

The round, 2mm fiber cordage on their LC legs allows for maximum routing flexibility while maintaining ultra-low dB loss that far exceeds industry dB loss performance standards. Their 6-to-1 plug-in factor with the MTP® connector saves valuable installation time.




  • Reduces bulk by over 60 percent
  • Pre-engineered and customizable staggering provides neat and clean installation into your switches for optimum cable management
  • Round fiber cordage on LC legs allows for maximum routing flexibility
  • Far exceeds industry dB loss performance standards
  • 6-to-1 plug-in factor from MTP® to LC saves valuable install time
  • We use high-quality Corning glass in all of our Skinny-Trunk harnesses
  • TAA-compliant
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


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