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Feature-rich. Adaptable. Dependable

The perfect copper platform for your data center


Copper Patch Panels


Our modular patch panels are the perfect solution for building a standardized, adaptable, and dependable copper platform in your data center.


They come in two varieties: punch-down and pre-punched (loaded or unloaded).


The punch-down option is available with Cat6 24, 48, or 96 RJ45 ports options and the pre-punched panels provide added convenience during installation and improved information flow.



Our feature-rich cable patch panels are the ideal choice for your patch paneling requirements; they come in handy with customizable cable labels, supported by a team of specialized architects


1U accepts 24 panel mount jacks

2U accepts up to 72 panel mount jacks

Numbered ports for easy identification

Sturdy metal construction


Universal 19-inch rail spacing

Lifetime warranty


Loaded version features Cat6 feed-through adapters


Punch-down patch panels come equipped for Cat6 24-, 48-, and 96-port RJ45 options

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