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  • Jul 24, 2019



July 22, 2019

Lowers Standard Maximum Singlemode MTP Connector Insertion Loss to 0.3dB Per Mated Pair

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – CABLExpress, a division of CXtec, announced its new standard maximum singlemode MTP connector insertion loss to 0.3 dB per mated pair. This benchmark is engineered to support the low channel insertion loss requirement of the QSFP-100G-PSM4 specification, or short-reach singlemode, which is set at approximately 3.3dB.

“CABLExpress products are installed at some of the largest companies in the US,” said Lisa Ross, vice president/general manager of CABLExpress. “Our goal has always been to push above and beyond the minimum standards set for performance, creating an infrastructure to last through years of growth and increased speed requirements.”

The QSFP-100G-PSM4 specification addresses the space between 100G 10 km singlemode solutions and 100G short-reach multimode, multi-fiber solutions in the data center. 100G PSM4 provides a low-cost singlemode solution in the data center capable of a minimum distance of 500m. The 100G PSM4 specification presents a four-lane (per direction) 100 Gb/s optical interface to a parallel singlemode fiber (SMF) cabling infrastructure.

“Our new low insertion loss will help keep structured cabling solutions well ahead of loss budgets,” continued Ross.

CABLExpress, as an industry leader in providing the lowest loss and highest performing fiber-optic infrastructure, now allows design flexibility in its total Skinny-Trunk® singlemode solution, as well as the ability to add more interconnects to manage fiber infrastructure as speeds approach 200G and 400G.

As the data center industry begins to deploy 200G and 400G connections, data center managers are looking at the bandwidth and cost-saving benefits of singlemode over multimode fiber (OM4 and OM5) to manage the increased speeds and distances. Singlemode fiber also lends itself to more widespread adoption as telecom carriers roll out 5G speeds and edge computing helps reduce latency in links to the internet.

About CABLExpress

CABLExpress, a division of CXtec Inc., manufactures high-performance cabling, data center infrastructure products, and structured cabling solutions. The award-winning CABLExpress Multi-Path™ System handles multiple cabling light path solutions resulting in little disruption or added cost. The CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk® Solution is a high-density, fiber optic product line that helps organizations maximize business value and prepare their layer one infrastructures for future generations of upgrades. CABLExpress is located in Syracuse, NY.