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  • Feb 6, 2020



February 6, 2020


SYRACUSE, N.Y. – CABLExpress, a division of CXtec, announced its new Easy Access (EA) Series patch panels. The EA Series patch panels are designed with no top or side coverings to get in the way when accessing fiber ports. They were developed to eliminate unnecessary obstructions and allow data center managers to easily access patch cabling in the front and rear of the patch panels.

“The CABLExpress EA Series allows users to gain the benefits of structured cabling with convenient access and cable support,” said Lisa Ross, vice president/general manager of CABLExpress. “The open design makes installation and any moves, adds, and changes much easier,” Ross added.

EA Series patch panels support up to 48 duplex LCs or 32 MPO ports per rack unit of space, providing high port density capabilities while still allowing access to each individual port.

The complete system takes up only a single rack unit of space, with a depth of 11 inches, leading to less congestion in the cabinet or rack.

Featuring faceplate options of four 12-port duplex LC modules or two 24-port duplex LC modules per rack unit, the EA series allows users to purchase the amount of ports they need while leaving space for future upgrades.

“In addition to saving space and providing open access to cabling, we wanted to design a scalable system that would allow users to pay only as they grow,” continued Ross. “The EA Series provides that scalability, and it’s constructed with low-loss components to ensure it meets current and future optical loss budgets.”

More information about the new CABLExpress Easy Access Series is available here.

About CABLExpress

CABLExpress, a division of CXtec Inc., manufactures high-performance cabling, data center infrastructure products, and structured cabling solutions. The award-winning CABLExpress Multi-Path™ System handles multiple cabling light path solutions resulting in little disruption or added cost. The CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk® Solution is a high-density, fiber optic product line that helps organizations maximize business value and prepare their layer one infrastructures for future generations of upgrades. CABLExpress is located in Syracuse, NY.