Data Center Cabling Solutions

Ready for the fastest lead times and reliable expertise?

CABLExpress is dedicated to delivering quality in every product we provide – and every interaction you have with us.

We’re a division of CXtec, so you can get our products from CXtec or directly from us! Or you can obtain our products through your local reseller – that choice is yours.

We ask you to request a quote in order to ensure you get the right products for your needs – and all CABLExpress brand products come standard with a lifetime warranty.

We help spec your project pre-sale with expert design assistance at no cost to you. And we have some of the fastest lead times in the industry.

Our data center architects are actively involved with the industry standards boards like the TIA-942 and the OSFP 400G consortium.

Gain more data center cabling expertise

We provide no-cost cabling design options, including explanations and details of your solution, along with a detailed bill of materials.

  • Lean on our experts to do the heavy research on standards – with more than 90 years combined industry experience, we wade through the rhetoric and provide best practices for future-proofing your data center.
  • Compare available options, including polarity methods and design options, to ensure you have a chance to make smart, informed choices.
  • Implement a plug-and-play installation and avoid costly delays due to installation errors.

Beware of the online vendors

It’s always more convenient to buy products online, right? Sure, there’s convenience – but at what cost?

At CABLExpress, we stand behind the quality of our offerings, and we want to work with you to ensure you get the right cables for your project.

We provide quick, easy-to-understand quotes and the fastest lead times possible.

Getting a quote from us doesn’t slow your project down. Actually, we ensure you get the right cables quickly and efficiently!

A partner by your side

When you work with our architects on a project, we provide you:

  • An on-site cabling assessment and best practices educational session for your team.
  • A structured cabling roadmap for your data center, with an easy to understand bill of materials.
  • Handy visual representations that provide an overview of the solution.
  • Rack and cabinet specific images showing exactly where to mount your enclosures and connect your cabling.

All of this comes at no cost to you.  We just hope that you’ll give us consideration to be your cabling provider for this project!