Conflicts in Fiber Cabling Standards

Do you know how to avoid them?

Today's data center fiber structured cabling standards have conflicts that leave designs and designers in jeopardy. Read our white paper to avoid them.


Skinny-Trunk® Fiber Trunks

They just got skinnier!

We’ve transformed our fiber trunks to give you increased capacity and ease of cable management in your data center.


The CABLExpress® Experience

What sets us apart?

Our video shows you exactly why you can expect more from CABLExpress - the highest quality, best service, optimum performance and industry-leading innovation.


Introducing the Mini Ladder Rack Enclosure

Save critical space in your data center

Half the size of the full version, the mini ladder rack enclosure also mounts directly to overhead conveyance to maximize your space usage.


Skinny-Trunk® Solution

High-performance and high-density

Decrease dB loss and save space – Skinny-Trunk® Solutions give you the reliability you need in your data center with high-performance, high-density optical fiber solutions.


Introducing the reduced-diameter mini CAT6 copper trunk

Make cable management easier

With breakout legs of just 0.148 inches in diameter, our mini CAT6 copper trunk reduces congestion and allows for increased airflow in your data center.


Skinny-Trunk® Harnesses

Reduce cabling congestion.

Pre-engineered staggering and 2mm fiber legs allow for maximum routing flexibility and a 60% reduction in cable bulk.


Copper and Fiber Ladder Rack Enclosure

Skinny-Trunk® Ladder Rack Enclosure

The first copper and fiber enclosure specifically designed to mount directly to overhead conveyance

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The Importance and Benefits of Environmental Testing for Fiber Optic Assemblies

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Understanding Fiber Optic Cabling Standards: Free Whitepaper

In today's world of information technology and ever increasing speeds and demands on your network, it's more important than ever to understand fiber cabling standards. Having the right information and using it correctly can mean the difference between top performance and major headaches...

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The Making of High Quality Cables

Your organization relies on the IT team, your network, your data center, etc. to stay up and running on all cylinders. You have all kinds of important applications running. You have business operations and processes depending on your systems.  What is all of this build on? The physical layer. That's right. Layer one.

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