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Introducing the Mini Ladder Rack Enclosure

Save critical space in your data center

Half the size of the full version, the mini ladder rack enclosure also mounts directly to overhead conveyance to maximize your space usage.


Skinny-Trunk® Solution

High-performance and high-density

Decrease dB loss and save space – Skinny-Trunk® Solutions give you the reliability you need in your data center with high-performance, high-density optical fiber solutions.


Skinny-Trunk® Fiber Assemblies

Decrease dB loss and save valuable installation time.

With trunking options from 4 to 144 fiber count and 12-to-1 plug-in factor, you can save valuable space and installation time – while exceeding industry dB loss budgets.


Introducing the reduced-diameter mini CAT6 copper trunk

Make cable management easier

With breakout legs of just 0.148 inches in diameter, our mini CAT6 copper trunk reduces congestion and allows for increased airflow in your data center.


Skinny-Trunk® Harnesses

Reduce cabling congestion.

Pre-engineered staggering and 2mm fiber legs allow for maximum routing flexibility and a 60% reduction in cable bulk.


Copper and Fiber Ladder Rack Enclosure

Skinny-Trunk® Ladder Rack Enclosure

The first copper and fiber enclosure specifically designed to mount directly to overhead conveyance

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