Data Center Cabling Solutions

Prepare your cabling for 400G speeds

Data speeds continue to increase. The collective appetite for bandwidth is seemingly insatiable, and networks are rarely seen as “fast enough.” Many entities are awaiting the next big jumps in speed: 400 Gb/s Ethernet and 128 Gb/s Fibre Channel. Supporting these speeds requires critical fiber cabling considerations.

A planned and properly implemented structured cabling solution can reduce personnel hours and investment costs.

This paper will allow you to make educated decisions when choosing a structured cabling solution that will last for multiple generations of hardware upgrades.

Our white paper, Cabling Designs You Can Trust to Support Speeds of 32G to 400G, discusses:

  • How the current and future generation of optics work
  • The pros and cons of each fiber optic polarity option
  • The cabling design options for your data center

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