Data Center Cabling Solutions

This editions features JT on location at the 2016 NY Tech Summit talking about key benefits and considerations of Mini CAT6 copper cabling. Reduced diameter 28AWG CAT6 copper patch cables can reduce congestion and improve cable management challenges.


We're here at 2016 NY Tech Summit Live. We've been taking a lot about the CABLExpress mini CAT6. Come on, let me show you some.

All right guys, so what's the biggest challenge in data centers? It's cable management right? Oh man, it's a huge problem. Well this is a simple solution to cable management challenges with copper cabling.

Here's your standard CAT6. This is is made with twenty-three or twenty-four gauge copper. Here's the mini CAT6. Look, the same amount of cables, but look how much nicer this is because there's a lot more space. This is 50% reduced diameter. That's because it uses twenty-eight gauge copper conductors in there.

You ask yourself, "What's the catch?" Well this product is going to cost a little bit more right now. Also, it's not going to run really long distances. You want to use this strictly for patching. You don't want to use this for long horizontal cabling runs. This is really not going to be effective, or cost effective that way.

Other than that, this is really good to go. One thing, just make sure you get a good quality assembly. This is new on the market, not in the standards as of yet, so make sure you buy from a reputable place with a good, quality product.

Ask how they test it. You should make sure that every individual one gets tested, it shouldn't be a batch testing system. Other than that, it's here to solve your cable management problems.

I hope that helped you understand mini CAT6 a little bit better. For more information visit us on