Data Center Cabling Solutions


Today we’re going to talk about the RSD Series fiber enclosures.

RSD Series Fiber Enclosures  


RSD stands for recessed sliding drawer and I’ll demonstrate why. The fiber connections are set back or recessed from the front. Now, this is typically needed when you’re mounting in a rack versus an enclosed cabinet. It offers a lot of great protection. And the drawer slides out and it tilts down for easy installation and future access.

The modular design allows a very high density. You have 96 LC fibers in a 1U and up to 192 in a 2U. The module design allows you to interchange modules and/or feed through adaptor panels. Supported connector types are LC, SC, ST, MTP® and MT-RJ.

You have the choice in the same footprint of either getting a feed through adaptor panel or you can get a module.

You can clearly see the differences between the two - LC plug-in for the feed through adaptor panel and then the really big benefits of the MTP® module. As you can see, it’s a significant reduction to cabling bulk and drastically reduced install time.

The choice is yours. The RSD Series is built with enterprise class components; from our stable spring couplers which minimize vibration to the internal wiring harnesses which lower dB loss. You can be sure that you’re prepared for the future with the RSD Series.